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San Marino Defense and Foreign Policy

Foreign policy and defense

San Marino is traditionally neutral, but for geographical and historical reasons very dependent on Italy. The two countries have concluded a wide range of agreements in different areas, and the foundation is the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation of 1862, which was last revised in 1971.

Relations have worked without major problems, with the exception of the political conflict after the Second World War (see H istoria). In recent years, financial co-operation has also intensified contradictions regarding San Marino's position as a tax haven (see Current policy).

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The goal for San Marino has been to play an important role and strengthen its position internationally, despite its smallness. As part of this endeavor, the country has gained membership in a number of international organizations, such as the Council of Europe in 1988 and the UN in 1992. San Marino has official relations with over 100 countries and embassies in some of these.

San Marino does not belong to the EU, but Italy and San Marino are a common customs area with a common currency, and thus San Marino is part of a customs union with the EU and is part of the euro area. In a referendum in October 2013, just over half of residents voted for EU membership, but turnout was too low for the result to be valid. The EU also concluded that the Union was not fit to receive such small Member States, but in March 2015 began negotiations on specific agreements in a number of areas with Europe's micro-states (besides San Marino and Andorra and Monaco).

Defense and Foreign Policy of San MarinoThere is no general military duty, but citizens between the ages of 16 and 55 can be called in to defend the state. For order and security, the gendarmerie is responsible for about 100 men - the equivalent of Italy's carabinieri.

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